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Prominence - Crease

Prominence - Crease / Indigo


Php 420.00

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Unicorn Squad - Ponyweather

Unicorn Squad - Ponyweather / Black


Php 210.00

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Soda Pop- Sherbet

Soda Pop- Sherbet / Violet


Php 200.00

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Portobello - Dawson

Portobello - Dawson / Blue


Php 290.00

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About Us

At Banana Peel, we create casual lifestyle footwear and apparel that enkindle positivity, adventure, and self-discovery.

We spur you to explore in color!

To do this, we soak up all that sunny inspiration and sip on some creative juice to bring flip flops, sandals, and tees to life. Colors and patterns keep us bustling with creative ideas, and we turn those into thoughtful designs that speak to the souls (and soles!) of the curious and adventure-minded. We exist to find ways to help you discover who you are.

We strive to be your ground breakers and companions to happily discover your new getaways – whether it be in everyday activities, thrilling adventures, or easygoing hangouts. Now there are loads of opportunities and challenges ahead, and with your help, we hope to tackle and make the most out of them. We are thrilled to have you take these steps with us! Know More