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At Banana Peel, we create casual lifestyle footwear and apparel that enkindle positivity, adventure, and self-discovery. We are a brand that spurs you to explore in color. To do this, we soak up all that sunny inspiration and sip on some creative juice to bring flip flops, sandals, and tees to life. Colors and patterns keep us bustling with creative ideas, and we turn those into thoughtful designs that speak to the souls (and soles!) of the curious and adventure-minded.


We exist to find ways to help you discover who you are. We strive to be your ground breakers and companions to happily discover your new getaways – whether it be in everyday activities, thrilling adventures, or easygoing hangouts!

Now there are loads of opportunities and challenges ahead, and with your help, we hope to tackle and make the most out of them. We are thrilled to have you take these steps with us!


Here at Banana Peel, we offer a range of footwear and growing line of apparel that will keep you discovering wave after wave of ease and excitement

Flip flops: We have a ton of these, but we have narrowed it down to three impressive functions:

Lightweight: For the Casual Walker

Kick back and choose the lightweight wear if you stick close to home for most of your day-to day activities, but refuse to walk with the humdrum!

Ease and Comfort: For the Everyday Trekker

These are for you if you need just that right amount of cushioning for your cozy, comfortable, and long walks.

Dynamic: For the Curious Adventurer

Craving for the outdoors but don’t know where to start? Get a hold of our built-to-last flip flops and let them guide you in discovering your next on-the-go adventure!

Sandals: More comfort for the feet mean more discoveries ahead! Keep them secure and happy with adjustable straps that easily wrap around excited feet.

Slides: Easy breezy! Our slip-ons offer comfort that will take your explorer feet to places.

Flip Tees: Elevate your style and imagination with incredibly soft and eye-catching flip tees made with adventure and happiness.

Umbrellas: Designed to kindle the wanderlust in you, our automatic umbrellas will keep you protected, rain or shine.


For inquiries you may reach us through:


We’re Hiring!

Banana Peel is proudly owned by The Neat Inc. The brand was established in 2002, premiering in the Philippines the availability of flip flops with not only plains, but a wide range of trendy prints and patterns. We dedicate ourselves to offering customers with products of high quality and comfort with the same regard for value for money, and customer service.

If you are committed, and are a go-getter who is dedicated to customer service and would love to be a part of a dynamic and passionate team, join us as we continue to grow the success of our dream lifestyle!

Check the list below for available opportunities, or e-mail us at


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